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Dragon Gate Feng Shui

Denise Liotta-Dennis, Feng Shui Master

Feng Shui

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Flying Stars Feng Shui for Period 9

Prepare now for the new energy of Period 9 which begins Feb 4, 2024. It is the Age of Fire! This is a capital change for the world and is near the end of a 180-year mega cycle. Find out how to get your home or office ready for this incredible energy. Denise has 11 books on Classical Feng Shui. They can be found on Amazon, Llewellyn, and Barnes & Noble websites.

Feng Shui

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Dragon Gate Feng Shui & Ideology

Prior to construction, both in ancient and modern times, Feng Shui masters selected the land, chose the facing direction and designed the ideal layout to maximize positive energy. This type of ideal approach creates great value to a project. From dirt to the grand opening, we love every step! As light architects (energy/light frequency) we bring stability to extremely high buildings and large-scale projects anywhere in the world.

​Feng Shui has been around for centuries but was secreted away in China. A diluted form came to America in the mid-seventies. Not until recently has the powerful essence of Feng Shui been exposed to the world at large. Feng Shui is as viable now as it was in ancient times; designed to assist us in every area of life—prosperity, relationships, and health.

Dragon Gate Feng Shui International Consultants

The American College of Classical Feng Shui

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