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Feng Shui Consulting & Training Services

Dragon Gate Feng Shui | Denise Liotta Dennis | Feng Shui Classes


Dragon-Gate has been working with homeowners for over two decades. We offer numerous services no matter where in life you are at the moment. Looking to sell your current home and buy another? Or have you decided to stay in your home and do a bit of remodeling? Do you currently invest or plan to invest in rental homes? Have you found that perfect piece of land and want to start designing you dream home? The powerful principles of Feng Shui can help you with all of this and more. Additionally, there are numerous wealth-producing techniques that can be custom-designed for your site. Here’s what we offer for residential spaces:


  • Residential Assessment

  • Remodeling Projects

  • Purchasing a New Home

  • Sell this House!

  • New-Home Design

  • Wealth-Producing Water Features

  • Investment Property

  • Vacation Homes

  • Out of Town Consulting

  • Annual Checkups

  • Virtual Home Assessments

Dragon Gate Feng Shui | Denise Liotta Dennis | Feng Shui Classes


Millions of people have used Feng Shui for their homes, but few are aware of the enormous benefits Feng Shui can provide for a small business or a large to medium corporations. Dragon Gate is highly experienced in all types of commercial projects-- helping developers with everything from urban development to golf courses.  Classical Feng Shui offers some outstanding, practical applications for designing commercial spaces such as hotels, spas, casinos, high-rise living, shopping centers, office buildings, hospitals, malls, manufacturing plants, and urban development projects. Here are some areas that Feng Shui can be used for a business or commercial design project:


  • Auditing Existing Offices/Businesses

  • Designing

  • Remodeling or Expanding, Leasing an Office Space

  • New Construction of Commercial Buildings

  • Wealth-Producing Techniques

Dragon Gate Feng Shui | Denise Liotta Dennis | Feng Shui Classes

Successful Feng Shui practitioners who are known in the industry have one thing in common: they first enrich the lives of their clients! To be a Feng Shui professional means that you are in the service of helping people.


With that being said, Feng Shui practitioners are worth their weight in gold these days! That’s because they know how to make things happen by making correct Feng Shui assessments and offering effective recommendations. Therefore, learning from a highly qualified instructor will save you time, mistakes, and frustrations—harvesting the benefits of our experience. The American College of Classical Feng Shui (ACCFS) helps you practice the correct principles immediately and with confidence.

We offer the most comprehensive Classical Feng Shui training programs in North America. Check out our three different classes to accommodate today's busy lifestyles.

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