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Dragon Gate's Projects

This page is dedicated to Dragon Gate’s special projects. Currently, we are working on two exceptional new-home designs that encapsulate the sophistication of advanced Feng Shui. The first masterpiece takes root in the esteemed Biltmore Estates of Phoenix, Arizona, nestled within the captivating Sonoran high desert landscape. Meanwhile, the second endeavor unfolds in the opulent embrace of a luxury estate-home community in South Africa, blessed by the presence of a serene river. In both of these creative projects, we've seamlessly woven the timeless principles of Classical Feng Shui from the very foundation. These homes stand as contemporary marvels, harmonizing the art of Feng Shui with breathtaking design, all set against distinct global backdrops. They are a testament to the symphony that arises when science and aesthetics converge!

Science & Beauty: A Fugue in the Sonoran Desert

The homeowners have bestowed the name ‘Sonata Allegro’ for their new Phoenix residence. This property boasts spectacular vistas of the renowned Camelback Mountain. In the past, the property was adorned with a Spanish-style residence that had gracefully stood for more than two decades. It was recently demo’d and all her beautiful and usable parts were donated for a new life. Designing the new home with Classical Feng Shui principles was a meticulous journey spanning nearly a year. Our first crucial step was selecting the ideal facing direction.


This decision held immense significance, as it would serve as the blueprint for our energy map, shaping the entire floor plan layout as well as exterior elements. True to Feng Shui engineering, our foundation will be precisely positioned on a specific degree, known as a Gold Dragon or Precious Jewel Line (PJL). This means that all doors, even angled interior doors, will all align with a PJL, a testament to the science that underpins Feng Shui. While our clients arrived with a clear vision of their dream home, they also drew inspiration from the serene aesthetics of the Amangiri hotel in the heart of Utah, nestled amid exquisite rock formations in Canyon Point. As a result, this inspiration, along with Feng Shui ideology, ignited the creation of a home that boasts exceptional features. At the front, a striking water feature, cleverly incorporated, serves as a protective measure. Meanwhile, the rear of the residence is graced with a magnificent swimming pool and spa, precisely situated to activate wealth energy. Yet, these two elements are not the only intentional environmental features. In actuality, the entire landscape enveloping the property is imbued with Feng Shui principles.


Every beautifully designed pathway possesses a distinct purpose as they serve as conduits for the flow of chi. The cultivated garden beds have been artfully designed to introduce movement, harmonizing with the modern straight lines of the house, the pool, and the pool house. The positioning of the outdoor fire feature is also purposeful, tactically placed to activate positive energy. Moreover, the landscape adopts xeriscaping, a water-efficient approach, while the property is equipped with a water reuse system, embodying a commitment to sustainability. Throughout the conscientious design journey, our focus remained steadfast on several key areas for the interior: the strategic placement and layout of the kitchen, the opulence of the owner's suite, the efficiency of home offices, the inviting ambiance of the media room, the majestic atmosphere of the great room, the sophistication of the wine room, and the warm and welcoming main entry, discreetly concealed within a remarkable hidden garage. We intricately integrated into the homes design a multitude of Classical Feng Shui methods, that encompass the auspicious Five Spirits Carry Treasure, the Assistant Star Water Method, the celestial dance of Flying Stars Feng Shui (Xuan Kong Fei Xin), the BaZhai (Eight Mansions), and the Three Harmony Doorways.

The house is further fortified by the prestigious Combination of Ten Flying Star chart; this energy orchestrates double or even triple-good fortune! And lastly, while designing this elegant desert home, it became apparent that the presence of a fire countermeasure near the interior front entrance was essential. Thus, our brilliant architect and interior designer collaboratively conceived a contemporary fire feature that not only fulfills this need but also serves as an awe-inspiring centerpiece, sure to captivate all who enter.

Home: Period 9, Southeast 2 (Combination of Ten) Location: Phoenix, Arizona Feng Shui Master: Denise Liotta-Dennis Architect: Grady Olsen Interior Designer: Meredith Smyth Builder: Boxwell Homes Landscape Designer: Jamie Collins Video: Snaacktime Productions

Science & Beauty: A Oasis River Home

Over the past 18 months, as we embarked on the design journey, we affectionately referred to this exciting new construction endeavor as the ‘River House.’ The property boasts breathtaking beauty, nestled within a lush landscape teeming with abundant wildlife along serene banks of the river. The homeowners aspiration was to craft an exquisite, energy-efficient dwelling, and it was this aspiration that spurred their exploration of Classical Feng Shui and its powerful precepts. So ultimately a Contemporary Refined Farmhouse was selected as their style of choice.


This style is a refined farmhouse blended with the enduring allure of a traditional farmhouse and contemporary design elements creating an elegant aesthetic. It artfully harmonizes the rustic coziness of the past with the streamlined sophistication of today, resulting in a space that exudes both comfort and style.


As with any new-home design project, our initial and pivotal move involved choosing the perfect orientation. Unlike the Phoenix home which had only two possible facings, we had six different orientations for the River House. This choice carried profound importance, serving as the cornerstone for our energy blueprint, influencing both the layout of the entire floor plan and exterior features. In keeping with Feng Shui principles, our foundation always starts with a precise degree, referred to a Precious Jewel Line (PJL). The PJL axis sets the energetic tone for the entire house. Given the presence of a natural river on the property, aligning the homes orientation with it was of utmost importance. The rivers flow direction, from left to right, played a significant role in our ultimate choice of the facing direction. Another crucial consideration was the placement of the swimming pool, which was a top priority for the homeowners.


Since South Africa is situated in the Southern hemisphere, positioning the pool in the North was the optimal choice. The River House boasts a plethora of distinctive features, both indoors and externally. Starting with the interior, you’ll find two opulent master suites, one for him and one for her, seamlessly interconnected. Each suite is adorned with a fireplace, luxurious bathrooms, spacious dressing rooms, and balconies that offer captivating views of the river. The residence also encompasses a library, a gourmet kitchen, a dedicated staff kitchen, an elegant wine room, an executive-style home office, generously proportioned hallways, and lovely staff quarters. Some outdoor features are a family cottage, a spacious four-car garage, an al fresco kitchen, a charming courtyard, a dedicated yoga studio, and a grand entrance. To usher in harmony and prosperity, a stunning water feature will adorn the front of the home.


The natural, sharp slope of the land toward the river will be ingeniously addressed with a tiered landscaping design, adding both aesthetic beauty and practical functionality. Given the homeowners deep understanding of Feng Shui, they specifically asked for a Water Dragon—a unique water feature renowned for its wealth-enhancing properties, meticulously tailored for this propertys design. As with the Phoenix home, we intricately integrated into the homes design a multitude of Classical Feng Shui methods that include the auspicious Five Spirits Carry Treasure, the Assistant Star Water Method, the celestial dance of Flying Stars Feng Shui (Xuan Kong Fei Xin), the BaZhai (Eight Mansions), The Court Official Water Formations, Water Dragon, and the Three Harmony Doorways. This extraordinary, oasis home will start construction in 2024.

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