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AngeLight Worry Stone

AngeLight Worry Stone


As you hold this Stone in your hand, imagine the Angel's calm presence surrounding you. Imagine yourself letting go of hurts or worries. Follow your heart and use this stone in whatever way is right for you. The possibilities are endless.

The Angelight Worry Stone is one of our most popular styles. She is gracefully holding the light in her hands with touches of opalescent glitter amongst her outspread wings.

Each stone is accompanied by an envelope with a printed poem on it that reads:
Give your worries to the Angels
It is time to heal your heart.
Every day's a new beginning
Where love and hope can start.
Give your worries to the Angels
Release your doubt and fear.
Trust in God to always be there
With Angels always near.


  • Stone is 1 1/2"high
  • Made of high quality resin stone
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