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Annual & Monthly Stars For Period 9- Volume1  (2024-2028)

Annual & Monthly Stars For Period 9- Volume1 (2024-2028)


The Annual and Monthly Stars for the Next 5 years!

1st of 4 Volumes Spanning the entire Period 9


Every year, it's important to adjust the Feng Shui of your home or business. The online generic cures shared every year—just won’t cut it! Flying Stars Feng Shui: Annual & Monthly Stars for Period 9 gives you specific guidance suited to your property's unique Flying Star chart.
One of the best-kept secrets lies in integrating the annual and monthly stars with the Flying Star chart. This method provides a dynamic and precise assessment crucial for unlocking the year's potential. This volume marks the initial installment of a four-part series, spanning the entirety of Period 9. It shows how to harness the best fortune by leveraging the Star Chart, Annual Stars and Monthly Stars with each other for your benefit.

The book also covers the four annual sha energies: the Year Breaker, Three Killings, Grand Duke Jupiter, and the 5 Yellow Star, providing strategies for effectively mitigating their influence.

In Flying Stars Feng Shui: Annual & Monthly Stars for Period 9 you'l find comprehensive guidance on powerfully activating both Period 9 and Period 8 Star Charts. It's advisable to initiate the energy flow of your home or office prior to applying cures or activating the annual stars. Chapters Eight and Nine contain invaluable insights, offering step-by-step recommendations for this essential process.
The annual and monthly stars are another rich layer to the Flying Stars system that enables it to deliver you quick and effective results. Start today and extract the hidden potential for your home or business.

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