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Feng Shui-Special Flying Star Charts,Periods 8 & 9

Feng Shui-Special Flying Star Charts,Periods 8 & 9



Pearl Strings, Parent Strings and Combinations of Ten Chart!
The Flying Stars system has some rare and very special star charts. They are the Pearl String (two types), Parent String, and the Combination of Ten aka Sum of Ten, also two types. These charts are
considered to be extremely auspicious and promise triple good-luck! This book explains, in detail, how to trigger these charts using certain physical manifestations to capture the energy in Period 8 and Period 9. Furthermore, we identify these special charts in ALL nine Periods!


Flying Stars is one of the most powerful and effective Feng Shui techniques available. To learn how to use it, is certainly worth the effort. Flying Stars (Xuan Kong Fei Xing) is also known as Time Dimension Feng Shui.

It addresses homes and building through the passage of time very accurately. The world is about to enter a totally new Period of time; Period 9. This will be the Age of Fire and offer many exciting opportunities for everyone.

In addition to covering the ‘auspicious special’ charts, this book examines unique conditions such as the Double Stars Meet at the Facing; Prosperous Facing, Prosperous Sitting; Double Stars Meet at the Sitting; Inverse and Hidden Siren aka Weeping Condition; Cascading Wind; Menacing Formation; Literature Formation; Reverse Formation (Up the Mountain, Down the River); Fire Burning Heaven’s Gate; and the Bull- Fight Sha. We also reveal how to release a ‘trapped prominent star’. Learn how to fly the stars in Chapter
Three; this is a well-worth endeavor!

Feng Shui: Special Flying Star for Period 8 and Period 9 will prepare you for the next major change in energy which begins on February 4, 2024. The Period 8 charts are still lucky and will continue to be so in Period 9. However, you will need to make a few adjustments to ‘honor’ the energy of Period 9.

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