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Flying Stars, 81 Combinations Decoded

Flying Stars, 81 Combinations Decoded


Flying Stars remains the most popular Feng Shui system in the world! And the 81 Combinations are at the heart of the practice. The Stars can ‘set in motion’ the energy of your home or office. The key is to learn how to use these combinations to your advantage.

The 81 Combinations interpretations are derived from several ancient texts that describe possible outcomes and events in people’s lives. How were the predictions made? We have decoded all 81 Combinations in detail.
Not only why the authors say what could happen but how to analyze, cure and enhance the Stars. These detailed descriptions will empower you to use the Stars as intended by the ancient masters.

The book includes numerous floor plan examples to demonstrate how the combinations are set into action. Flying Stars 81 Combination Decoded features annual and monthly star charts and how they interact with the star combinations. How do the stars really affect our lives, and when?

What You’ll Learn: Descriptions and Commentaries for each of the 81 Combinations; Guidance on how to Implement the Star Combinations  Annual Stars; How to Use the Triple Combination of Stars; How to Analyze, Cure and Enhance the Stars; How to Activate Special Charts: Pearl, Parent  Combination of 10; Implement Advanced Flying Star Techniques Instantly; Learn the Secret Names of the 9 Stars. Flying Stars 81 Combination Decoded is a must-have book for genuine Feng Shui enthusiasts, students and professional practitioners.

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