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Master Shen's 30 Principles

Master Shen's 30 Principles


Master Shen Zhu Reng was famous for unraveling the mysteries of the Flying Stars and being very open in sharing the information. His work Shen’s Xuan Kong Studies was published by his son in 1933 and again in 2002. This was the first book to expose the secrets of Xuan Kong Feng Shui and is the cornerstone of modern Flying Stars Feng Shui.

Master Shen’s 30 principles are a lesser-known work. The principles are brilliant and give insights and recommendations concerning: shops; homes when remodeling is undertaken; how to address a ‘dark passage’; big scale vs. small scale Feng Shui; ‘Peeping Tom’ sha energy; house direction vs. door direction; ghosts; the main door located on the side of the house; doors with a prosperous facing; graveyards; a rented-out ‘bachelor’ pad; the stove and toilets; and much, much more!

This book features all 30, original principles one by one. Next, comments are given to further explain the \ principle or rule. Then a floor plan and/or image is featured to augment Master Shen’s decrees.
Primarily, the 30 Principles are rules for structural additions, doors, roads, mountains and how to correctly set into motion the most powerful energy of a property. Flying Stars Feng Shui  Master Shen’s 30 Principles is the only book that addresses these eye-opening techniques and principles. Don’t miss out on this important aspect of the Flying Stars method.

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