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Romancing Feng Shui

Romancing Feng Shui


Married or single, set up your home using the most advanced Feng Shui systems to ignite love and prosperity!

A truly prosperous life will always include love, romance, close friends/family, and harmony. Using the powerful Flying Stars Feng Shui along with your personal Ming Gua will give you fast and effective results. Ditch the oversimplified notion of a mere ‘marriage/love’ corner. Here you will find all the information you need to implement superior Feng Shui for Period 9 which began on Feb 4, 2024.

Romancing Feng Shui explains how to enhance your relationships, energize your friendships, and maximize your love potential. Discover the bedroom taboos that will harm your love life. Learn your personal Ming Gua Number and how to leverage it for increased love and wealth. Explore the influential Flying Starscombinations known as Peach Blossoms or Flowers of Romance that support loving relationships. Moreover, learn about the star combinations that could usher in unhealthy romantic liaisons and extramarital affairs.

This book reveals how to use the Peach Blossom Method (to find a new lover or marriage proposal), the White Tiger and Green Dragon (basic landforms to secure a partner), and your Ming Gua Number (personalized Feng Shui) for astonishing results. Detect how the ;landforms ; surrounding your home,
such as roads, water, and mountains, may instigate affairs, divorce, disharmony, or financial downturns. These negative landforms are the Peach Blossom Sha (extramarital affairs), Eight Killings (love triangles and fatal attractions), the Goat Blade (related to alcoholism, drugs, and gambling), and the Eight Roads of Destruction (linked to divorce and bankruptcy). Learn how to evade or rectify these circumstances.


All the Flying Stars house charts for Period 9 and Period 8 have been analyzed, include specific recommendations, and ready for you to implement. Floor plans demonstrating how to make the changes are provided for each house. You will find Romancing Feng Shui beautifully illustrated to make execution easy. The recommended changes will bring your space to a new, elevated level of energy.

Romancing Feng Shui is a must-have book for those serious about getting their spaces set for Period 9. Known as the Age of Fire (2024-2044), Period 9’s energy will support love and money. You just need a practical guide to arrange your home and office to grab it!

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