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The Secrets of Mastering Flying Stars Feng Shui

The Secrets of Mastering Flying Stars Feng Shui



Flying Stars is the most popular, intriguing and misunderstood Feng Shui system in the world. Whether you’re a practitioner or a novice, you’ll be able to master and deepen your understanding of this method used for ‘superior living’. The book delivers a detailed explanation of how time and space will affect all categories of Feng Shui—prosperity, relationships and health .

A fully illustrated, comprehensive and systematic home-study course that is designed for anyone who wants to put Flying Stars Feng Shui to personal, professional or practical use. With over 28 years experience, Master Liotta Dennis reveals the best tricks-of-the-trade. Step by step you are guided to shake up the energy and make-over your home or office while simultaneously learning the profound secrets of Flying Stars.

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